Why I love white!

White is safe. If you aren’t sure what your long-term color scheme will be, or you know you might change your mind, white goes with everything! You can always add accents of color to change, update, and seasonally decorate your table design. Most importantly, food looks great on white!

La Bella Vita carries many beautiful lines of white dinnerware and serveware.Today, we’ll focus in on our Italian dinnerware lines. The Italians focus in on the art of the table. Here is a peak at some of our favorites:

Bellezza by VIETRI

Bellezza dinnerware by VietriBellezza dinnerware by Vietri

This line can be appropriate for formal occasions and/or everyday use. It’s one of the thinnest scaled patterns we have, and therefore one of the lightest. Bellezza is microwave and dishwasher safe, and has above-average chip resiliency. This style adopts a French manufacturing technique that involves glazing all over, enchancing the chip resilency. Many pieces of the Bellezza line are stand-alone gifts that are truly classified as heirlooms for their artistry.

Incanto by VIETRI

Bowl of Incanto by Vietri DinnerwareIncanto by Vietri Dinnerware

Check out the crisp and rich finish here: this is accomplished by the rubbed white glaze over ‘terra marrone’ (brown clay) to achieve a thick, milky affect with an elegant gloss. Because of this finish and its delicate appearance, Incanto is perfect for formal occasions. This line is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, and has average chip resiliency. This is our thickest scaled pattern which makes the weight heavier. With beautiful heirloom features, Incanto is our #1 seller for wedding gifts at La Bella Vita.

Lastra by VIETRI

Lastra by Vietri dinnerwareLastra saucer by Vietri dinnerware

This pattern emulates old, wood-style cheese molds used for parmesan and other Italian cheeses, with ‘canister’ shapes and an overlap affect. A newer pattern of Vietri, this line is standard weight for our stoneware patterns, unique in is clean, chic design. Lastra is perfect for a sophisticated, casual luxury or formal in an eclectic urban or rustic setting. It is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe, and has high chip resiliency.

Bella Bianca by Arte Italica

Rich and crisp, Bella Bianca is made of a brown/black clay, with a thick, milky glaze that allows rubbed accents of the clay to show through on the edges and embossed decoration. Bella Bianca features exquisite heirloom pieces with timeless, traditional appeal. This is one of the lightest patterns,and it’s perfect for formal occasions. It is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and has an above-average chip resiliency.

Merletto by Arte Italica

With an antique white finish, Merletto boasts a flat patina with rubbed edges showing traces of the brown clay peaking through. This line is beautifully dramatic with an antique appeal. The scalloped shapes and embossing of lace make this pattern perfect for formal occasions. Merletto is a medium weight, and is microwave and dishwasher safe, with an above-average chip resiliency.

Tuscan by Arte Italica

Tuscan features a simple, solid finish with no antiquing affects. Clean lines and classic pewter contrasted with white lend this pattern to an elegant, urban lifestyle.Tuscan’s pewter decoration increases the weight of each piece. This is one of our heavier ceramic styles. It is dishwasher safe, and has an average chip resiliency.

Casa Mia by Fortunata

Casa Mia emphasizes a crisp finish, solid with no antiquing. Designed by an architect, Casa Mia features angles mixed with organic irregularity and a hefty body.This makes this pattern perfect for urban or rustic, casual luxury. One of our heavier patterns, Mia Casa is high-fired stoneware and ranks in our highest end of durability, being oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe, as well as highly chip resilient.

So, what is your favorite white pattern?


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