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Italian Planter Special Purchase 2023


  1. Jan Dieterichs says:

    I need a planter that can be kept outside. Will this terra cotta work, or do I have to stick to resin?

    • BarbaraStrom says:

      Did I answer your question? Concrete, resin…you can leave out in our climate. Resin eventually loses its luster.

  2. Jan Dieterichs says:

    I just completed reading your instructions on cold weather storage needed.

    Thank you; I’ll still consider making this purchase! Your products are beautiful!

    • BarbaraStrom says:

      Hi Jan,
      The pots are ceramic like most planters. Concrete can stay outside. However, that eventually deteriorates too. I always recommend inserting a planter in the pots. Then you can pull it out when the season is over. You can store the pot in the garage or storage bin and be okay.Hope that makes sense. These pots sell very well in the stores and on our Etsy site.


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