Video: Incredible Serve Ware Find From South Africa!

Last week I was at the NY International Tableware & Gift show, and I selected this incredible new product from South Africa for a La Bella Vita April 2010 introduction. Dinnerware trends continue to explore the artistic interpretation of the flower into ceramics. Artistic serving pieces add character to the table and become heirlooms that last through generations. This new find is the ultimate in beauty with an amazing durability story. You’ve got to see this one…Introducing Mustardseed and Moonshine dinnerware-serve ware . ETA in store: Late April 2010. Learn and see more of the product on our Mustardseed and Moonshine Product Page!

All of you are asking…”Where in the heck is this going in the store!”  No problem friends!  Next week, we are knocking walls out for a new expansion.  There are so many beautiful products in this exclusive market of artistic serve ware and that is what we present to you.  You see it here first!  Stay tuned for more market videos and a reality video of the renovation!

Also, a big inspiration to our creative display comes from our customer’s ideas.  Our dinnerware and serve ware is all about creating a lifestyle statement…Mix, mix and mix…not mix and match…Creating an eclectic visual style and how to do it without looking like a flea market.  Lot’s of ideas, videos and  you are part of  it!!!  Bring it on!

Stay tuned and tell me your latest idea and let’s make it a trend!

Ciao! Barbara


  1. Your new line Mustardseed & Moonshine is so beautiful! I don’t know how I will select for my bridal registry? I will really need your help! I can’t want to get married!

    • Hi Rosannie,
      You’re on the schedule! Bring your friends and let’s toast your engagement. Mix and Mix is the answer. The combinations are endless and it’s fun to create your own look. Check out our registries under the tab “current registries” and get some ideas. See you soon!

      Ciao, Barb

  2. Which wall are you tearing down for this expansion? LOL. Looks fabulous, I cannot wait to see it!

    • Actually, it was a good family friend that suggested I do it years ago! It is the ever-expanding wine room. I will gain about 7ft. by knocking into a stock room and I will move the existing bar that is in the entrance to allow better traffic flow & access. I will video the progress. Any ideas for colors are welcome as the space evolves and I decide the product for each new cubby…keep posted. 🙂

  3. Oh Barb,
    I just love your shop in Little Italy! I enjoyed the way you let me and my friends play with all the beautiful dinnerware. We mixing and matching the perfect combination for my bridal registry. It truly was a magical day thanks to you!
    Chagrin Falls

    • We had sooo much fun. Mixing the french dinnerware with the Portuguese stoneware was beautiful. The Italian flatware really set it off! One of the prettiest yet. Good eye Missy.

  4. I love La Bella Vita…best store in Cleveland

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