Top Hit From the Tableware Show…

We have thousands of visitors passing through our store every year and I always  want to remind, update and introduce them to the new, the favorites and the facts about our products.  We video tape everything now.  It is impossible to touch and talk to everyone that passes through our store, so maybe we can have a chat to catch up through our blog. Last month we were at the NY Tableware Show and we visited our manufactures of our fine dinnerware and interviewed them about their new introductions.

This video is about Juliska’s tableware  from Portugal.  As in most industries, certain countries do certain things better than others. There are several importers that specialize in bringing wonderful Portuguese stoneware dinnerware and bake ware into the US and distributing the product through better specialty stores. The solid color patterns range in style and boast rich glazing that emulates the smooth finish of porcelain, but incorporates the “topography” of less refined pottery that allows for artistic workmanship in clay.  All of the products are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe and chip resistant. This dinnerware is ideal for a busy lifestyle that moves fast and wants high style. Obviously, this product is a big hit in the market and one that you will see for a long time.  It will be interesting to watch the industry as stoneware designs evolve and continue to take on a larger role in the tableware business.  La Bella Vita brides create formal and informal registries selecting one pattern or a mix of patterns.  Each piece is made to last for the generations to come in style and durability.

David Gooding, founder of the sophisticated tableware company, Juliska, is a connoisseur of  European grace and knows how to bring it to the US market using the Portuguese stoneware medium.  I will say no more.  Here’s a snippet…a spot…a brilliant show of Juliska with David Gooding at the NY show…



Caio,  Barbara


  1. Hi Barb! My daughter and I visited your store on Sunday March 22….I had previously fallen in love with it, and had to share it with her…from the minute you approach your store you feel that you are actually in some little village in la bella Italia! Walking in simply takes my breath away and at last, I am “home”…

    I certainly hope to bring you more people who love unique and outstanding tableware! Thank you for your time and effort to present us all with that “piccolo” taste of Italy!

    Success to you!

    Lita Rae Reyes

  2. Hi Lita,

    I hope to see you at Art Walk! June 4,5 and 6. Meet my Maestro from Tuscany and the Vietri founder on June 5th Noon to 6PM>

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