The Birth of a Mural!

At La Bella Vita we create worlds, spaces that envelop you and create escapes into another place, another time. We showcase murals, trompe l’oi, & faux painting techniques in the store and work with home owners and businesses to create total environments.  For our June, 2008 Art Walk, we are featuring the work of Micheal and Kathy Romeo. They have created a new world for us named “The Wine Cellar.”  We begin with the space and an architectural feature such as a fire place, a window, or an archway and design a towering mural integrating these features. In this case, we are creating the mural around a faux painted stone fireplace.  In this area we will display our Italian and European CD collection and “serious wine glasses” and wine racks.

First phase: Blocking in the framework and the large background objects.  Note that the original wall is just gold:

Muralists Begin with Phase One.

Next Phase: After 20 hours, the paint and the height of the ladder makes Micheal giddy, and he takes a break and dances to the music.  Note:  The blue tape lines mark the internal structural shelves, beams and unseen supports for objects.

Muralists become delirious - we feed them wine and cheese and avert disaster.

Final Work Of ART!  Wow!  Note:  A new world at La Bella Vita!


It will be fun to sip wine and listen to beautiful music in our new wine cellar! Check out more pictures by clicking on the “Tour” bar on the home page.

Ciao Bella,

Barbara Strom


  1. Linda Cipra says:

    This is the most unbelievable store. Always changing. Just when you think the store could not get any better your surprized by the influx of new products. You feel as if you walking a street in Italy. The music, friendly people and magnificent merchandise.

  2. Lynne Nuss-Laurich says:

    You guys are the best! I love you!

  3. claudia daddario says:

    coming to your place is like coming home. your always welcome. thanks for all you do !!!!

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