Little Italy Art Walk Starts Friday, September 30!

Grand Opening Party at La Bella Vita!

September 30th kicks off our Grand Opening for our new gallery.  In over 600 additional square feet, we have expanded our giftware lines and added back our Lady’s accessory business!  You love our bracelets, now you will love our scarves, hats, jewelry and other fantastic doo dads that make us ladies dazzle!

Introducing VIETRI’s new Lastra stoneware…Actually restaurant grade durability from Italy!   La Bella Vita is one of VIETRI’s showcase, VILLA VIETRI, stores with the largest assortments and first introductions.  See it at La Bella Vita first!  Also previewing Christmas, Old St. Nick pattern with over 20 new items!  Great collectibles for the connoisseur of Italian giftware.

Our popular Tuscan serve ware has a home of its own in our new store space with over 75 great pieces for serving and decorating, Tuscan style.

Grand Opening begins at 5PM Friday, September 30 to 9PM.  Great prices for gift buying!  Get in the spirit and whirl through a taste of what’s coming up…

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