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La Bella Vita Cleveland’s Expansion into Tuscany!

La Bella Vita’s new Tuscan Room…

After a month of removing and building new walls, La Bella Vita’s expansion project is now seeing the fruits of its labors.  Shelves are going in, painting is underway and the total vision is beginning to peak through the plaster and dust and paint cans.  The wonderful benefit of all of this work is the improved traffic flow.  We eliminated two bottle neck room and picked up more shoppable spaces! The new space will allow for better and more accessible display of our glassware and our Tuscan serve ware.  And, Private wine tastings and private parties will be much easier now!

The original space was divided into two rooms.  One we used for storage and had painted a very dark mural when we opened 8 years ago.  The other space had a wet bar and arches that opened up to a very shallow area where we displayed glassware.  The wet bar area was painted to look like barn, red brick.  We knocked out the wall that separated the glass room from the storage room.  We are in the process of repainting all of the walls and building shelves to accommodate glassware.  The transformation is going to be great!  Take a look at the beginning stages.  We’ll keep you posted.


  1. Love it!!!

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