How to Create a Tuscan Table Design.


I have a bride in Tampa Florida who is giving a family style polenta party Sat. She has Juliska, berry & thread, dinnerware in white and blue and wanted LBV (La Bella Vita) to accessorize the table to make it warm and Tuscan! The key to table design is to not make things match and get lost in more of the same design or color. It’s all about contrasts and the quantity & weight you allow with the accents to draw the eye. If that makes sense, great! If it doesn’t, think of how you dress. A lot of big, chunky jewelry on a simple black dress. If it is black and has a lot of texture, that is one look and will alter the texture of the once simple black dress. If it is red, black and green…think about it. If it is white and not a lot…maybe just a necklace…chic. If it is white and a necklace, bracelet and earrings…it may look like you have bandages on and you are in a shroud. When you change it to metallic without texture visual the possibilities.

In table design, you need to think about many things, but let’s narrow it down to  color, texture, pattern, lighting, quantity and scale. The elements you are working with are the table itself (including the cloth), the dishes, the serving pieces, the accessories and don’t forget…THE FOOD!  Start with your background and the elements that you have to use.  Decide what the prevailing theme or “feel” you want for the table when it is “showtime.”  Watch this demonstration and see how we go from white to a warm, tuscan feel.  I had to use whatever I had in the store, so create with me and add your own ideas to accomplish a similar feel.


  1. Sheila Marvin says:

    Once again, Barbara, you’ve pulled together a fantastic dinner scape using the “fabulous” inventory of La Bella Vita. Keep the blogs coming they are so interesting. Thanks.


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