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MacKenzie-Childs is an internationally recognized, artistic “signature.” If you don’t recognize the name, you will recognize the description of the black and white check and the resemblance to Alice in Wonderland’s whimsical world where designs integrate the famous check with a myriad of patterns, colors across many product categories.

It all began in 1983 in Aurora, NY, on a 200+ year old farm, by a husband and wife artistic duo who made handcrafted ceramics, each piece unique and collectible. Over 30 years in the making, the unique personality of their art flourished into a following and a classic home and lifestyle trend that continues to grow in popularity with today’s generation.

The design inspiration all originates from the beauty of the farm environs. Rolling meadows, flowering landscapes, pure lakes and the farm animal kingdom are tools that drive the imagination and design elements of each collection. The setting is ideal for the creative spirit that drives the MacKenzie team of artisans in the Aurora studio.

Today, MacKenzie-Childs signature designs are offered in home furnishings, tableware, home decor, personal accessories, home office, children’s products, giftware, housewares and even light switch covers!

This wonderful product is appreciated as a work of art and mixes beautifully with our solid color stoneware lines and adds life and spirit to table designs. Each piece is a treasure created by the proud artists in Aurora and around the world. No two pieces are alike and the artistic level of expertise is highly valued by collectors. A table set with MacKenzie-Childs is a table that transcends the ordinary. It’s all about high quality, high spirits and the love of the extraordinary!

MacKenzie Childs products we carry:

  • We carry products from most categories and patterns
  • We can order from the entire line of products
  • We stock top selling enamelware

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  • Highly decorated by hand
  • Heirloom quality
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Handle with respect and care

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MacKenzie Childs is perfect for bridal registries

I enjoyed the way you let me and my friends play with all the beautiful dinnerware. We were mixing and matching the perfect combination for my bridal registry. It truly was a magical day!”

– Missy, Chagrin Falls