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Michelle Sulzer & Ron Konstantinovsky: 5/31/14

Ron and I selected all of our beautiful heirlooms to coordinate with our dinnerware pattern. These artistic pieces will be enjoyed today and in our generations to come. … [Read more...]

Corey Fien & Brendan Rea: 9/1/13

Our La Bella Vita registry is a wonderful collection of serving pieces for entertaining. Some are antiques, and all pieces are handmade. Download a PDF of Corey and Brendan's registry. … [Read more...]

Ashley J. Starks & Taroon I. Amin: 7/13/13

Download a PDF of Ashley and Taroon's registry. … [Read more...]

Jessica Brown & Brian Carey: 8/24/13

This is our fine gift registry. These heirlooms add beauty to our special occasions with friends and family Download a PDF of Jessica and Brian's registry. … [Read more...]

Kelly Schneider & Gregory Gordon: 9/1/13

This is our special occasion registry with heirloom serving pieces to use with our white dinnerware. Download a PDF of Kelly and Gregory's registry. … [Read more...]

Erin Hooper and Dustin Lewis: 10/19/13

We've selected special accents for all our special occasions. Download a PDF of Erin and Dustin's registry. … [Read more...]

Anne Manfroni and Justin Dunn: 8/24/13

This is our registry for fine heirlooms for special occasions for today and our generations to come. Download a PDF of Anne and Justin's registry. … [Read more...]

Clay McKissack & David Snoke: 10/4/13

Our style is strong and classic with contrasts of white against hammered, pewter glazed stoneware. Our glassware and flatware finish the elegance. Download a PDF of Clay and David's registry. … [Read more...]

Michael Aram Private Sale Event – May 9, 2013

Thursday, May 9 - La Bella Vita at Eton Chagrin Blvd. - RSVP Today Be the first to shop this fantastic special offer from Michael Aram for specialty retailers only. We purchased over 200 pieces for … [Read more...]

Harriet Meris & Zoran Miling: 9/28/13

Our La Bella Vita registry is the perfect reflection of our traditional values. Old world lace, damask and sparkling accents create a table of heirlooms for today and our generations to … [Read more...]