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La Bella Vita is proud to be a Mariposa, Brilante showcase, key dealer! Because we specialize in ‘art for the table,’ Mariposa is a perfect fit in quality and character. Each piece is painstakingly made by hand out of recycled aluminum and crafted into a fine, smooth, brilliant surface unlike the lesser quality embroidered serve ware found in department stores. This process enables the unique and charismatic designs for which Mariposa is famous.

This wonderful product has replaced the traditional silver serving pieces of old. Mariposa has the fine handcrafted quality of silver heirlooms, but the designs are for today’s lifestyle and the personality of entertaining today. In addition, each piece can be heated or chilled to retain the proper temperature of your food for the life of the party! This is our number one bridal gift that is sure to make a dynamic impression!

Top selling Mariposa lines that we carry

  • String of Pearls
  • Sueno
  • Reveillon
  • Andiamo
  • Gilded floral

We carry all Mariposa lines! Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.


  • Hand Crafted Out of Recycled Aluminum
  • Heated or Chilled to Retain the Proper Temperature of Your Food

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Mariposa is perfect for bridal registries


  • Brides love our incredible selection in our Mariposa showcase of every pattern the Brillante collection has to offer.
  • A La Bella Vita bride understands the unique, handcrafted nature of our tableware that create a work of art in table design.
  • Bride’s love the touch of brilliance that each piece adds to their table design. Best of all, it’s wonderfully functional and can be heated or chilled to keep food at the right temperature for the life of the party!
  • La Bella Vita’s top sellers are the Sueno and Revellion collections. Both are fabulously hammered and shaped and the gold edge on Revellion works with china patterns handed down from generations as well as today’s updated styles.

Learn more about registering at La Bella Vita.

I just love your shop in Little Italy! I enjoyed the way you let me and my friends play with all the beautiful dinnerware. We were mixing and matching the perfect combination for my bridal registry. It truly was a magical day!”

– Missy, Chagrin Falls